March of the Penguins: How Not to Stage an Event

Let me tell you about the night my love for Stephen King almost cost me my toes. Those piggies were completely numb by 5:40 p.m. last night. My¬†husband and I had been standing outdoors in freezing temperatures¬†for almost two hours, shuffling along in a slow-moving line that wrapped around a former mega-church. Why? We had … Read more


A free-spirited friend of mine posted today that she scattered birdseed in her front yard. She’d heard it’s an old Scandinavian custom to bring good fortune in the new year. My online feeds are full today of recipes for black-eyed peas, but I keep scrolling. I’ve tried the mealy things once or twice and never … Read more

Getting to Know Me: a Kansas Women Bloggers Link-Up

  As the editor of Kansas Women Bloggers, I decided I wanted to learn more about our 100+ members, and share a little more about myself. So I took a page from our sisters at Texas Women Bloggers and cooked up this Getting to Know You link-up! Here are my answers: If you make money … Read more

Words of Wisdom from a 4th Grade Classroom Wall

It’s nice to be important. But it’s more important to be nice.

Vanishing point

When I finally send them off into the world, I hope they see it as beautifully as this.

Blog on the way

Erin’s got to go volunteer at her kid’s school right now, but soon she’ll be blogging like a mofo.