9/11: Here’s What I Will #NeverForget

“Never forget.” It’s a phrase that’s on everyone’s lips and posts today. And every time I see or hear it, I think, “How could I?” How could I forget the call at 6:10 a.m. from my boss at the newspaper? The way I begged my husband not to go to his class at UNLV, which was … Read more

Dear Daughter: Follow Your Smart

Dear Daughter, After you left for school this morning, I went up to your room to look at this poster on your wall. The one you got from your brother for your birthday last year (even though I picked it out) — the one with all the inspirational sayings like “Just Be Awesome” and “Create … Read more

Small-Batch Weather: We’re Not in Tornado Alley Anymore

Small-Batch Weather: Stormy Skies over Tingley Beach

Out on the road today, I saw an “Eat Beef” plate on a blue sedan… Actually that was back in March, but once I got Don Henley’s earworm out of my head, I got to thinking: I probably wouldn’t see many of those plates once we move to New Mexico. They’re everywhere in Kansas, affixed to … Read more

When You Move but Your Stuff Doesn’t

Moving Boxes

Ever since March 21, adaptability has been my keyword. That was the day my husband hit the road for a new job in Albuquerque while I stayed behind in Kansas with the kids so they could finish out the school year. This week, we joined him. Finally! No more solo bedtime duty. No more doing … Read more

March of the Penguins: How Not to Stage an Event

Stephen King Revival

Let me tell you about the night my love for Stephen King almost cost me my toes. Those piggies were completely numb by 5:40 p.m. last night. My husband and I had been standing outdoors in freezing temperatures for almost two hours, shuffling along in a slow-moving line that wrapped around a former mega-church. Why? We had … Read more