Getting to Know Me: a Kansas Women Bloggers Link-Up

Getting to Know You Link Party with the Kansas Women Bloggers


As the editor of Kansas Women Bloggers, I decided I wanted to learn more about our 100+ members, and share a little more about myself. So I took a page from our sisters at Texas Women Bloggers and cooked up this Getting to Know You link-up! Here are my answers:

If you make money with your blog, how do you do it?

I never have, and I am totally impressed by people who do. I wonder how you maintain a balance between content and promotions when you do giveaways and reviews. I’m a former journalist, so I’m still a stickler for that editorial integrity!

How do you increase your blog readership?

Obviously, participation in Kansas Women Bloggers helps! I’ve also enjoyed another weekly blog challenge called Yeah Write, which awards editors’ picks and crowd favorites each week. But that’s just a cherry on top. The real prize is the response you get from all the other bloggers.

If you are from Kansas, have you ever lived elsewhere?

Oh yes. Texas, Colorado (met the husband), Arizona (married the husband), and Las Vegas (had the first baby). We moved back here in 2005. Well, it was back for me; the husband is not a native.

If someone were to hand you $10,000 (no strings attached), what would you do with it?

(Just for fun we’re going to pretend I have no debt to pay off, because that’s the real-life answer, but it’s boring.) I would use $2,000 of it to help a homeless family with children get back on their feet. I would use the rest to build a bedroom and bathroom in my basement and furnish it with vintage pieces. Then I would use it as my office/getaway.

Who was the first blogger you ever really followed?

Had to be Rants from Mommyland, which was actually two bloggers then but is now one. It was the first safe place I found to laugh with other moms about the craziest shizz of parenting, especially on the days I was a lot closer to crying. The best thing about them, though, was their heart. We all gotta vent sometimes, but if it doesn’t come back around to love, it just sounds mean and selfish.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

Now in heavy rotation are my tall brown boots in a riding style. I love these freakin’ things. Low heel because I’m getting old, but they still do the most awesome job of dressing up my otherwise plain outfits. Boot season is the best. So, OK, save a couple hundred from my $10K windfall for one or two more pairs.

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